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Full time maids in Dubai

Sponsor a maid in Dubai


HOW TO SPONSOR A MAID IN THE UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah)

The rules about hiring a maid are often conditional. It is best to first talk to the PRO (mandoob) at your employers office. In general, the rules to qualify for hiring a live-in full time maid are:

  1. Sponsor's monthly salary should be more than 6,000 Dh
  2. Sponsor must pay 5,080 Dh annual fee
  3. Sponsor cannot hire a relative 
  4. Sponsor should have a valid UAE residence visa
  5. Only families may hire a maid; bachelors may not hire a maid

The process to hiring a maid in the UAE is as follows:

STEP 1. You and the maid must go to the Dubai Naturalization and Residence Department (DNRD) behind Jafiliya Street (near Bur Dubai Police). See location here.

STEP 2. Go to the Hijri typing centre at the entrance. Bring:

  • Your own salary certificate and labour contract
  • Your tenancy agreement
  • Your passport (and a copy)
  • Copy of the maid's passport (and original passport with entry permit after arrival in the UAE)
  • Passport photos of the maid (8 copies)
  • AED 2,000 deposit for entry visa (refundable upon cancellation of maid visa)
  • AED 5,100 for residence visa (annual cost)
  • AED 300-400 for health card (annual cost)
  • AED 500 for other fees

STEP 3. After the employment contract has been issued, you will go to the Maid visa department in DNRD get the contract stamped. 

STEP 4. In the following days, you and the maid should go to the hospital(bring the documents) for her medical test. You should get her medical test results within a few days. She will be tested for:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Leprosy
  • TB
  • Pregnancy

STEP 5. Go back to the DNRD or immigration department. Bring her health card, medical test results, and other documents listed above. The DNRD will complete her labour contract, (signed by you and the maid). You will then go from one counter to the next for:

  • Residence visa to be stamped in maid passport
  • The Labour card


Government Hospitals
Online Booking (http://edohms.dohms.gov.ae/MFC/User/hcFrm.aspx) available for Medical Test from Government Clinics (you will need to fill in form for a temporary health card).
Normal Medical Test Fee is Dh.260 + Dh15 for Courier delivery within five working days.

What labour laws apply to hiring a maid in the UAE?

Sponsors must follow the labour laws regarding domestic servants. The main applicable laws to hire a domestic helper in the UAE are as follows:

  1. Pay the maids salary at least once per month
  2. Maids salary should be no less than the minimum wage (as determined by maids nationality)
  3. Maids are entitled to one day off per week
  4. Maids shall be provided 30 days annual paid vacation
  5. Maids shall be provided an annual flight back to their home country

There are many additional rules and responsibilities for both the employer and the maid, and you should speak directly with the relevant authorities to find comprehensive and up to date information. 

Which nationalities for hire?

There are some restrictions on which nationalities can work as a maid. In general, the most common maid nationalities are:

  • Bangladeshi
  • Filipino
  • Sri Lankan
  • Kenyan
  • Ethiopian
  • Nepali
  • Indonesian
  • Indian


What documents do I need to get a maid visa?

To hire a maid you will need to provide copies of: 

  1. new employers passport (yours), maids passport
  2. I.D cards (residence permit) and current work visa for maid
  3. Maids photo (12 copies)
  4. Copy of Employers Residence tenancy contract
  5. Copy of Employer's (yours) work visa
  6. Proof of income (yours); 3 months of bank statements


Can I direct hire?

Yes, it is possible to hire a maid directly from another country, but is complex and all depends on many conditions. It is best to speak to an agency or PRO about how to do this. We do not advise this process unless you have a very strong reason to do so.


How much does the maid visa cost? How long does it take?

It takes approximately 3-5 weeks to process your maids visa. The fees are:

  1. Visa -  5,000 AED (annually)
  2. Typing -  110 AED (annually) + 500 AED if she is in country
  3. Medical test - 325 AED (annually)
  4. Security Deposit - 2,000 AED (one time fee, refunded upon visa cancellation)
  5. Medical Insurance - 800 AED (annually)
  6. Emirates ID - 200 AED (annually)


How much is a the salary?

It depends on nationality, your job details, and her experience. In addition to the monthly salary, you must provide annual flights to the maids home country, 30 days of paid vacation, and provide room and board. Live in Maids with experience often command between 1,500-3,000 AED, whereas live out maids often earn 5,000 AED. The minimum salaries for maids are set by their respective embassies as follows:

  1. Filipino maids         |  1,400 AED
  2. Indian maids          |  1,100 AED 
  3. Sri Lankan maids    |  825 AED
  4. Indonesian maids   |  800 AED
  5. Bangladeshi maids  |  725 AED


Employment contract?

This is often required by either the agency you hire the maid from or the maids Embassy. The employment contract sets out clear terms between you and the maid, protecting each of you from miscommunication and legal consequences. A contract verified at the maids embassy is often required for her to exit and return to the country. The Standard employment contract for filipino household service workers can be found here.


Typical expectations from a maid?

If you hire a maid through an agency, you will see these items detailed in the agency contract. If you hire a maid as a local transfer, you will negotiate her work terms with her directly. Based on current market conditions, most maids sign contracts that offer a minimum of one day off per week (some more experienced maids may request 1.5-2days/week), between 1800-2200AED/mo salary, food and basic amenities, wi-fi or basic data plan for mobile, and 10-12hour work days. As with all else in life, better offers will attract more qualified applicants. Employers who provide at least one scheduled day off on the weekend are much more successful in recruiting a maid.


 How do I find the best nanny?

The results of our salary survey show that most domestic helpers choose their next employer based on:

  1. Relationship with employer (respect and living conditions/freedoms)
  2. Salary (many maids have a network of family members back home who rely on her for financial support)
  3. Allowances (provisions for food, toiletries, mobile phone, etc)
  4. Type of work and responsibilities (workload and demands)
  5. Weekly time off, and daily work hours.


 Interview questions for a nanny?

Knowing whom you may be hiring is critical to a successful relationship. Keep in mind that potential candidates will be eager to get the job and may say yes to many questions and requests. We have found a wonderful list of interview questions at the Expatwoman site online. You can find them here.


What does she need for vacation?

Your domestic helper will require an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to come back from her home country. This is an 'exit pass' that is a requirement of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to ensure that overseas Filipino workers (OFW) are properly documented and protected. Maids can apply online in person while they are still in the UAE by first creating an account on www.bmonline.ph and then going to the POLO OWWA office in Gulf for a certified document. IF the maid is in the Philippines, she can apply in person to the nearest POEA office.