Maid Interview Questions |

Here are samplee questions to inspire your interview checklist, this is not an exhaustive list of questions, please take the time to develop questions that are most relevant to your needs.



·       Places of Work: Where are you from? How long have you been in this city/country?

·       Past Experience: How many past employers have you had and how long have you worked for them? Do you have any recommendation letters or contact information? Where were they located?

·       Previous Responsibilities: Can you describe your typical working day with your current employer: What is your work schedule? What are your responsibilities? What do you like and dislike about it? Do you think your current work is easy or too hard?


Maids Skills

·     Cooking: Are you a good cook? What kind of food can you cook (Chinese, Western, vegetarian, etc.)? Are you able to follow recipes from a cookbook? If so, which cookbooks have you used?

·     Child Care: Do you love working with children? How old were the children you took care of in your previous employments? Can you take care of a baby? Do you know first aid? If my child bangs his head and then felt sick or sleepy, what would you do? If my child is naughty and rudely talks to you, what would you do?

·       Most strong Skills: Are you better with household chores, children or cooking?

·       Technical Qualities: What other technical qualities would you say you have? Can you sew? Can you change the bulb? Are you willing to do these tasks?


Personal Qualities & Information

·       Working Style: Would you say that you are an autonomous person, able to take initiative? Or do you prefer to be told things? How would you describe yourself?

·       Interests: What are your interests aside from work? Are you religious? If so, which religion? Do you attend church on Sundays? Do you like sports? Do you like reading? Watching movies? Do you have a lot of friends here? Do you have some relatives here? How is your relationship with your family back home? Do you have regular contact with them?

·       Family and Marital Status: What is your marital status? Do you have children? If you do, who is taking care of them now



·       Salary: What is your current pay? What are your salary expectations? If above minimum salary: what makes you think you are worth more than other candidates?

·       Personal Goals: What are your dreams and goals in life? How long do you plan to live and work abroad?

·       Location Preference: Do you know the city and surroundings well? Do you know this particular district? Why do you want to work in this area?

·       Reason for Change: Why are you looking to change employer or not renewing your current contract, is it your choice or is it your current employer’s choice? What are you expecting to gain from changing employment?


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