About Hiring a Maid

In this section, we go over key decisions to take on your journey to identify what kind of housemaid you require for your home and how to go about hire a maid. We hope this information will demystify the process and help you make the right decision for your family.

Consider whether you want someone part-time maid or full-time, live-in or live out. Some families feel more comfortable having privacy and go for the part-time option, while other households like the flexibility of having someone on hand living in. To hire a helper part-time sponsored by an agency like Elite Maids . They provide affordable cleaners and maids on hourly basis. Maid Finder also provide part time maids, Monthly maids & short terms nannies, These maids have their own visa and can work on hourly, daily or monthly basis. You can always discuss your requirements directly with these maids.


The full time live-in maid option is the most common in Dubai. Having said that full-time live-out maid options do exist yet with special conditions. You could find a housemaid who lives with her husband or family and accepts to work full-time at your home;These maids are considered freelancers. however, keep in mind as an employer you need to secure for the housemaid a legal sponsorship and take on her responsibility even if she lives out. Moreover, a transport arrangement should be agreed upon between the employer and the housemaid. A more trusted and hassle-free option is to hire a full-time live-out from a maid agency. Talk to us for agency sponsored live out maids. We provide company sponsored live out maids at affordable rates, the price include maids salary, medical insurance, transportation and accomdation all inclusive.


Decide whether you want to find a housemaid


Tadbeer center : Tadbeer is Mohre ( Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization ) regulated service to employ domestic help in UAE. There are many Tadbeer centers across UAE. Tadbeer provides maids sourced from abroad at a placement fee varies from 4000 AED for African nationality up to 16,000 thousands for filipino and Indonesian nationality, the placement fee covers agent fee, ticket to UAE, medical tests in home country …etc. Tadbeer centers usually have ready maids to hire, where you can conduct a brief interview with the maids, Pay the mentioned placement fee and hire any. Tadbeer will provide a guarantee of replacement or money refund if the maid was not performing or up to expectations.

Your next step will be issuing a visa for the maid which we discussed the options in maid visa cost page.

Another option is to hire a maid locally through Maid Finder. Since there are plenty of maids looking for jobs already in UAE. For this approach there is no agency fees here. You can agree on a paid trial with the maid to evaluate her performance before committing a 2 years visa.

Many households, who are not in a rush to hire, and can spare 1-3 weeks to search and select a maid, prefer to take matters into their own hands and hire a helper direct. At Maid Finder Dubai our wide online database gives you access to hundreds of maid cv’s and their contact details. The best way to find a maid with zero placement fees is through our online portal; our database access fee is 280 AED. Start your search early and give yourself plenty of time to find someone suitable for your needs. Based on our client reviews the process of selection and hiring takes from 1-3 weeks, and more than 95% of our users end up finding a suitable housemaid, success is highly dependent on how attractive is your offer to the maid. Over the years Maidfinder has developed recurring household users who depend on our database as a platform to hire their next housemaid.

Visa Cost & Options

Once you’ve found the perfect housemaid through channels mentioned above, it’s time to sort out the legalities of securing a sponsorship package for your housemaid.

For a detailed cost of visa options available visit the link Visa Cost Comparison section

For guidance on the interview and selection process visit our Interview and selection tips

For further information, we invite you to visit the FAQ section

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