A detailed cost comparison of visa options in U.A.E and relevant costs to hire a maid

One of the most common questions we encounter is what are the options and relevant costs to hire a nanny? how much is a live in maid in Dubai?

In this section we list the cost entailed for all housemaid hiring options listed from the most expensive to the most cost effective option:

  1. Hiring an All-inclusive Tadbeer Maid (package 3), maids sponsored by Tadbeer and readily available in Tadbeer centers. This a flexible option with little commitment in time or contract duration since the maid’s contract is with Tadbeer, In this case their is no upfront fees and no visa cost, however the monthly paymnet to Tadbeer is usually high as it comes all inclusive of (maid salary, visa, Medical) (Cost explained in column 4 of the comparison table)
  2. Hiring a Tadbeer Sourced Maid (package 1)  Maids sourced from abroad and readily available in Tadbeer centers but will be officially hired by the family, in such case the client has to pay agency placement fees which ranges from 6,000 AED up to 16,000 AED + maid salary + sponsorship costs. (Cost explained in column 3 of the comparison table)
  3. Hire a maid or hire a nanny available locally, in which the family sources a maid locally from maids available in U.A.E  and looking for jobs, these maids are already here on visit visas or have been serving other families. In our website Maid finder you can find a huge updated and vetted list of these maids, you can start hiring these maids and nannies immediately and choose any of  the maid visa from options below. 
  4. How much is the basic salary of housemaid in UAE? According to recent survey Filipino maid in Dubai live in position salary starts at AED1,850, Indian housemaid salary starts at AED1,600, Ethiopian maid salary starts at 1,700. Ugandan maid and Ghana maids usually starts at AED ,1300. All salaries above are approximates and varies based on housemaid skills, for example a maid with nanny experience usually earns more than AED2,000 , maid driver earns AED3000. Living position plays a great role is salary bracket, for live out maid salaries are usually hire by AED800 to cover the cost of accommodation and transportation.

Review the table below for a detailed cost comparison between hiring directly versus hiring through a maid agency (Maid Finder) or a Tadbeer service center. Unlike other service centers or agencies Maidfinder doesn’t charge any placement fees, we don’t request any upfront or monthly fees. Self-search and direct hire has become more convenient, especially that many official Tadbeer service centers can process the sponsorship visa for your selected maid.

Cost Comparison Table - cost of hiring a maid

Feed by Market OptionsMaidFinder Database +
Maid Finder Sponsorship
Tadbeer Placement (package 1) +
Tadbeer Sponsorship
Tadbeer All-Inclusive Service (package 3)
Upfront Placement FeesNo placement fee
Only MaidFinder Database Access Fee of 350 AED
≥ 15, 000 AED
Tadbeer Placement Fee
No Upfront- Fees
All Fees Included in Monthly Fee

≥ 3, 500 AED

 ponsorship Fees 

Any option from below ( roughly 11,000 AED for 2 years)

Any option from below ( roughly 11,000 AED for 2 years)
Monthly Salary Payment≥ 1, 500 AED (agreed maid salary between employer and maid)≥ 1, 500 AED
Total Fees for Full Period

(2 Years)
≥ 24, 000 AED≥ 47, 000 AED≥ 84, 000 AED
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Best Option

No Additional Upfront or Monthly Fees

Once you’ve found the perfect maid in Dubai through your own search on our platform, it’s time to sort out the legalities of securing a sponsorship package for your housemaid. Many Tadbeer services centers are now offering very competitive sponsorship packages that are cheaper than traditional private sponsorship. The service costs around 10,000 AED or more as each Tadbeer has his own pricing,we advice you to call many Tadbeer centers and ask for their visa package available. Maidfinder in collaboration with Tadbeer center is also offering sponsorship support services. Once you find the suitable maid through maid finder portal. Contact us to arrange the visa for you. Our package is very competitive, we will send our driver to you to collect all required papers. We will charge 4,00 AED to issue maid visa, and emirates ID. Maid will be sponsored under Tadbeer therefore her agreed salary will be paid directly to us + monthly fees of 700 AED. You can cancel maid visa any time during the period of 2 years, no more charges after cancelation.

Private sponsorship is another visa option. For expats this option is for 1 year only – renewable. In this option any Tas-heel Center (what is Tas-heel?) can handle the service with fees mentioned in table below.

2- Estimated Maid Visa Costs ( under other Tadbeer Visa)

Breakdown of Working Visa Fees Fee (AED)
Opening Sponsor File With MOHRE 424 AED
Labor Contract (Included) 3, 305 AED
Change of Status
(From Visa Visa/Cancellation/Job Seeker Visa)
744 AED
Medical 468 AED
Emirates ID Application 744 AED
Employment Contract Application
(only MOHRE Contract Accepted)
153 AED
Medical Insurance Policy – (Basic Insurance) 694 AED
Residency Visa Application (New)
Worker must be inside the country
5, 544 AED
Government Insurance Fee (Mandatory)
Renewal Only
150 AED
Sponsor Envelope 4 AED
Total 12, 130 AED
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3- Direct sponsorship ( sponsored directly under head of the family)

This option comes as yearly, first year of visa will cost around 10,0000 AED inclusive of 2,000 AED refundable deposit, post years renewal is6,000 AED yearly.

This option has many requirements that includes a proof of income of more than 25,000 AED and a proof of accommodation of 2 bedrooms above.

Housemaid visa cost options

Sponsorship  ( what does it include)

Tadbeer Sponsorship  2 Years validity

Maid Finder Option

Private Sponsorship 1 Year validity (Tas-heel center)

Non Local Sponsor in country visa

10,000 AED upfront fees

4,000 AED upfront fees

+ 700 AED monthly

(cancel any time)

2303 AED (refundable)

Change status



622 AED

Labor contract



83 AED

Visa stamping new



5424 AED




406 AED

Emirates ID



174 AED




622 AED

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