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Search Locally available maid /nanny Profiles. Use filters to narrow down results based on your requirement. Filters include but not limited to live in maid, live out maid, nanny, part time nanny, live out nanny, cook, driver and many more.

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Choose a package to access maids details and start the interview process. Interview nannies face to face, setup trials to decide.

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Discuss your requirements directly with the nanny, agree and hire nanny / maid locally at no high maid agency fees.

As a visitor, you can access and search all maids. Maid profiles provide detailed personal and work details. You can register for free to avail the feature of saving and printing maid profiles. We had added useful filters to narrow down your search . Filters are based on nationality, like Filipino maid, Sri Lankan maid or Indonesian maids, years of experience, skills, age and past history. HR experts at Maid Finder works on adding daily qualified maids to widen your choices, all our maids & nannies are hand picked with verified experience and looking for immediate jobs.

Purchase an access package to get the contact information of all maid’s. Our one month access fee is 350 AED only, no hidden costs and a much cheaper option
then resorting to a maid agency. After hiring you can opt for a few days or weeks trial to decide if the maid is the right fit.

You have complete control over the the selection of maids. Discuss your requests directly with the maid. Visit our
resources section for guides about the hiring and visa process.

Why customers choose us?

Largest and most up to date maid profiles

We are proud to say that we hold the largest and most up to date profiles. We keep updating the status of each maid to reflect her current status. You will find maids that are no longer available are marked as hired.

More than 10 years in Business

We know what each and every family is looking for and we do our best to cater for all. 50% of our customers return to us for their next maid recruitment.

Authorized Company by TADBEER

We are an authorized company by Tadbeer with physical offices in Dubai. Our team holds the most HR expertise to cater for all your requirements and questions.

Protected Consumer rights

DED had set the rules for consumer rights protection. As a DED company we follow the guidance closely.

We listen to your concerns & questions

Our lines are open daily from 9 am to 6 PM expect Sunday to answer all your questions

Total solution option

We provide maids services and visa services if required , please visit the visa section page to know more about the service. maid visa page

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What nationalities of maids do we have?

On daily Basis our HR team interview many housemaids for different positions to cater for all families looking for maid. We interview filipino maid ‘s for different position like filipino live out maid or filipino live in maid. also we make sure that they have the nanny experience, and can take care of your children or new born. If you are looking for filipino nanny in Dubai or filipino nanny in Abu Dhabi. Maid finder makes sure to cater to all.

Moreover, we keep a huge database of maids in Dubai and maids in Abu Dhabi of different nationalities. Working since 2012 we are considered the best maid agency in Dubai. We keep a huge database of indian nanny in Dubai and indian nanny in Abu Dhabi.

If you are looking for maid cook you can filter maids by cooking skills, or if you are looking for a maid driver we added a skill for driving to filter all maid driver in Dubai.

We keep also ugandan maids, ghana maids, Ethiopian maids, indian maids & nepali maids you can easily filter by any nationality, skill or location.




Find the answers to top common questions. You can visit our FAQ page to view more information on all main topics.


Can I access the database without purchasing an access package?

Yes, any website visitor can access all listed maids’ profiles. To access the contact details for listed maids you will need to purchase an access package.

Do you have full time maids or part time maids / nannies?

We keep an up to date profiles of full time maids for live in. Filipino maids, Indian maids, Uganda maids, Indonesian maids and many more. These maids are classified under long term filter when you search for a maid.

We Do also provide experienced nannies in new born and childcare. You can navigate though the nanny list for up to date nannies CVx. On daily basis our expert HR team interview different calibars like nanny live out, nanny live in, nanny for part time, it is easy to find a nanny through maid finder up to date database.

Basically these maids and nannies are looking for a 2 years or more live in contracts under client Visa. Visa can be obtained directly through any Amir center or Tadbeer Center Client can choose either to sponsor the maid under his name directly or under tadbeer. Each option has its costs and benefits, for more info check House maid visa cost section.
We do also keep maids under classified as short terms maids, these maids usually has their own visa and ready to work for weeks, months or years. follow the link maid with own visa Dubai

Do you keep nanny’s or maid’s?

The difference between nanny and maid role is explained in the interview page available under resources section what is the difference between a nanny and a maid?

We do keep both, basically a maid is expected to take care of house cleanness and laundry, etc… while nanny is expected to take care of children and usually have the experience in new born care and taking care of children.

In your search here, you can filter by new born care in skills section to get a list of maids who can be a nanny at the same time, also please read through the past experience of each maid to decide if she has the relative experience.

We keep a huge up-to-date listing of nanny, live out nanny, live in nanny, nanny Dubai and nanny in Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE.

How much is Maid Salary in Dubai?

Maid Salary ranges from 1,300 AED up to 3,500 AED. Salary vary based on maid experience whether she has a past nanny experience taking care of children. Also certificates plays a huge role in deciding maid salary

How to sponsor a nanny?

To sponsor your nanny, Refer to our house maid visa cost page for a detailed visa options available in UAE with a price comparison. Go through the guide and decide the best visa option that suits your requirements.

Maid finder provides live in nanny, live out nanny and part time nanny if you would like to hire a nanny, maid & nanny finder provides the best nanny service. 1000+ nanny cv available, we do have nanny in Dubai and nanny in Abu dhabi CVs as will as live out nannies

How to sponsor maid visa in Dubai?

One of the most common question we encounter is how to sponsor a maid and provide visa in Dubai.We list here all the options available for you to choose from with detailed explanation Maid Visa cost

I am not sure how to go about hiring a maid can you support me?

We have developed a valuable resources section that can inform you about all the following topics: a guide on the process of hiring a maid, how to shortlist and interview candidates from our database, and some interviewing tips. Please visit our resources section for an easy read on these topics. We can gladly answer your questions during office hours and guide on how to effectively make use of our database, with tips on how to find the suitable maid based on your requirements.

Looking for available nanny? Maid Finder Dubai provides nanny and maid with salaries starts from 1,300 AED. Browse through profiles and watch their videos. Hire today filipino maid, filipino nanny, live in nanny or live out nannies


How to find filipino nanny in Dubai: we provide live in nanny, live out nanny, maid finder is the best full time nanny agency in dubai, nanny agency in Abu Dhabi

Trusted Since 2012 , Maid finder had placed many maids or nannies to families looking for house help. We are proud to say that we keep an up-to-date profiles of different nationalities. Filipino nanny in Dubai, filipino nanny in Abu Dhabi, Kerala maid, indian maid. Many housemaids available for immediate hiring at no agency fees.