Frequently asked questions about Maid Finder Database

Here we answer frequently asked questions on what is Maid Finder and why Maid Finder is considered the most effective solution to hire, maid, housekeeper or Baby sitter in UAE

About Maid finder Database

Are the maids profile details validated and checked?

Each maid profile is checked thoroughly before being uploaded on to our website. All listed maids currently reside in the UAE; we meet and interview each maid when developing her profiles. Maids are invited for face-to-face interviews at our offices, during which, our experienced recruitment consultants verify visa and employment papers, validate skills and personal information, and lastly check references for each single maid.

Do you have full time maids or part time maids / nannies?

We keep an up to date profiles of full time maids for live in. Filipino maids, Indian maids, Uganda maids, Indonesian maids and many more. These maids are classified under long term filter when you search for a maid.

We Do also provide experienced nannies in new born and childcare. You can navigate though the nanny list for up to date nannies CVs. On daily basis our expert HR team interview different calibars like Live out nanny, live in nanny, part time nanny, it is easy to find a nanny through maid finder up to date database.

Basically these maids and nannies are looking for a 2 years or more live in contracts under client Visa. Visa can be obtained directly through any Amir center or Tadbeer Center Client can choose either to sponsor the maid under his name directly or under tadbeer. Each option has its costs and benefits, for more info check House maid visa cost section.
We do also keep maids under classified as short terms maids, these maids usually has their own visa and ready to work for weeks, months or years. follow the link maid with own visa Dubai

Does Maid Finder has any app?

There is no Maid Finder app. Maid Finder website is mobile friendly. Apps in general come as a light version of websites, therefore and to keep all the current features available we don’t think Maid Finder App is useful.

Does hold any responsibility for the candidates listed on your website?

While we do go to certain measures in inviting housemaids to our offices for a face to face interview, checking the validity of all information listed when it comes to previous experience, visas, and in contacting previous employers for references to make sure that the candidates listed on the site are qualified for the positions being offered, the decision to hire a candidate is of the sole discretion of the users. Our duty lies and is limited to making available to our users a database of maids who are currently in the UAE and are available for interview and hiring.

How old are the listings, are all listed candidates available for hiring and still looking for a job?

We are proud to say that we have the biggest database of housemaid workers in the UAE. On a daily basis we add new maids and nannies CVs with videos, and we also constantly update all the listed maid‘s and nanny‘s to reflect hiring status. You will find that maids that already signed with an employer have a “Hired” tag on their profile.

I am looking for a part time maid; is that something I can find in your database?

The maids listed are available for a range of positions, depending on their schedule and needs. In the search, you can apply the filter “Duration” and select between long-term and short-term maids, to screen through maids available for what you need.
We do keep Own Visa maids for clients looking for part time maid, live out maid.

What if I want you to help me in finding the right Maid?

Yes we can, You can choose the two month access package where you can avail for 3 CV matching what you are looking for. HR Consultant will contact you to discuss your requirement in details and suggests three matching profiles. Bare in mind that your requirement has to be within salaries brakests at time of registration, basic aminites of maid must be provided as well, for example a seprate maids room. If you would like to have hassle free service you can resort to maids sponsored by Tadbeer  through our sister company .

About Purchasing an Acceess Packages

Before purchasing an access package, can I read feedback from other website access users?

Absolutely. To do so, review our “Testimonials” page. You can also visit our “Google reviews” page.

Can I access the database without purchasing an access package?

Yes any website visitor can access all listed maids profiles. To access the contact details for listed maids you will need to purchase an access package.

How do I purchase an access to the contact details of listed maids?

Click on the “Register” button and follow the easy three steps below to get you on your way to finding your new maid:

  1. Fill in your information: When prompted for your details fill up the required information.
  2. Select a package for the period you would like to access: Choose from one of our available packages; 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days.
  3. Select a Payment method: When prompted choose either paying by Credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
  4. Upon completing registration and payment the maid’s contact details will appear in the contact box for all profiles.
I forgot my login information – help!

Go to “Log In” tab and select the “Forgot Your Password” button, enter the email address you are registered with. If your email address is registered in the system, we’ll send you your password momentarily. If you continue to have difficulties, or don’t receive the email, please call us at 0521893330 or email us at

I have registered and paid for my account, why can’t I login?

Please ensure you are using the correct email address and password. If you have forgotten your password or want to check, use the Forgot your Password link. If you are still having difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I just tried to register and it said that a member with my email address already exists. What’s going on?

This means that you have already registered with this email address, so you cannot create a new account with the same email address. Please login to your account to renew your membership or update your information. If you forget your password, go to the Forgot Password link to retrieve it.

I’m a previous member and I want to register again, do I have to set up another account?

It’s possible we still have your information saved in the database. First, go to the registration page and enter your email address. If your information is still in the database, you can just log in; if you forget your password, go to the Forgot Password page to retrieve it. If the form doesn’t recognize your email address, you will need to register again.

What is the instruction for cash payment transfer?

Please send a transfer to:
Elite Advance Building Cleaning Services
Account number: 3707552088501
IBAN NUMBER: AE300340003707552088501
Swift Code: MEBLAEAD
Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai, UAE

Contact and Select a Maid

How do I contact these maids?

First, we encourage you to Shortlist several nanny / maid; screen and interview a minimum of 3-5 nannies so you have a basis for comparison, and do not make rushed decisions. Next, Contact maids and wait for replies; use both phone and WhatsApp when reaching out to maids, and allow time for maids to reply to your inquiries. For more information, we encourage you to visit our interview tips section.

How do I keep a balance of negotiating with yet attracting maid candidates I have selected?

Currently, the market for available maids is competitive especially, for specific nationalities. If you like a candidate make your offer appealing to attract her. While expected salary and days off could be negotiable; in general do not expect a maid to go much lower on what is mentioned in her profile, and note that many experienced maids insist on a day off. We invite you to learn more about how to make your offer appealing on our “Interview tips” page under the resources section.

How to sponsor a maid in Dubai?

One of the most common question we encounter is how to sponsor a maid and provide visa in Dubai.We list here all the options available for you to choose from with detailed explanation Maid Visa cost

I am not sure how to go about hiring a maid or nanny, can you support me?

We have developed a valuable resources section that can inform you about all the following topics: a guide on the process of hiring a maid, how to shortlist and interview candidates from our database, and some interviewing tips. Please visit our resources section for an easy read on these topics. We are also available for any questions during the day, we will gladly guide you in how to refine your search and how to interview maids, maid cost and many more.

What is the average maid salary in UAE?

How much should i pay my nanny?

Minimum wages for domestic help is set by their embassy , for example a filipino maid minimum wage is 1,500 AED while an Indian maid minimum wage is set as 1,200 AED.

This rule applies to maids sourced directly from home country. For maid available locally usually are experienced and the salary they ask for vary based on the experience . For example filipino maid salary varies between 1,800 to 2,500. Of course extra skills plays a big rule in adding up to salary for example a maid who has extensive new born care, or has a certificate can ask for more than 2,500 AED.